Thursday, January 12, 2012

I've been pinned!

It's the little things, right?

I am obsessed with Pinterest.  It may be the most fantastic thing on the Internet.  AND they have an iPhone app.  There is no better way to spend all your wasted minutes.  Those waiting for the doctor, sitting in a car rider line, trapped moments.

I love Pinterest because it is an outlet for all my ideas.  I have plans for rooms in my house, quilts, birthday parties, my Spring garden, and on and on; but I never have anywhere to put those ideas.  That is where the beauty of Pinterest comes in.

Before Pinterest, I would have these ideas, I would promise myself I would remember them and as soon as you could say promise, they were gone from my mind.  I blame my kids for that.  Or I would end up with a million, disorganized Internet bookmarks.  Now, I can create boards on Pinterest.  I can create boards for whatever I want and *pin* pictures that link back to websites that contain all my ideas.  These pins maybe a repin from someone else.  Or you may have wondered upon something online, that you want to pin.  You can put a "Pin It" button in your bookmarks and pin that item to your board.

That brings me to why I'm talking about Pinterest.


Me!  OMG!  Me!

I've been pinned!

 A complete stranger found my blog, liked something they saw and decided they might want to recreate it in the future.  I almost sent her a note, thanking her for loving me but I thought that might have been a bit too much.

You can share your boards with your friends, strangers, whoever you want.  I love seeing not only my friends' pins but their board ideas.  It has helped me to get to know so many people, so much better.  And my friends have the absolutely best ideas.    

Pinterest is an invite only site.  You can request an invite from Pinterest by clicking on that big red picture above or from a friend who is already pinning.  If you are already a pinner, feel free to follow me.  You will find a link on the right hand column on this blog.

Pin away folks!


Monday, January 2, 2012


I love making things for kids.  I got the chance to make e-reader clutches for two girls that received Nooks for Christmas.  Santa sure was good to them.

The first one.  I was chasing daylight, sorry for the glare.

I adore owls.  I used a rayon thread to FMQ.  I must admit, that as a cotton snob, I was surprised at how beautifully it quilted.  I wouldn't use it on a blanket but I'm going to branch out for decor and bags.

I love cute buttons!  

JoAnn's is really starting to get a larger variety of fun and functional buttons.

Any time butterflies are involved, I always quilt meandering loops.  The loops seem to move in the same way as a butterfly's flight path.  

Sweet bows!


I loved getting the opportunity to make these.