Saturday, November 19, 2011

My first project 100% completed on the BabyLock!

I started with this.  The brown couch.  The back pillows sucked.  Really, there is no better word for it.  AND the dog enjoyed turning the back pillows into a dog bed.  I don't blame him, they look like a dog bed.  I had some pillows from Ikea, that were supposed to be used on our bed.  I got the idea to use them on the couch and we ended testing out the two I already had for a few days.  They worked out great, so I went out and bought more pillows.  I have enough to make 7 total but we are just trying out 5 for now.

Easiest home decor project to date.  I'm not really a home decor person.  Quilting is where my skill set lies.  I have to admit, these pillows have me looking around wondering what else I can easily change up.  I didn't use a pattern.  I just kind of guessed and went along.  The first 3 came out on the long side by about 2 inches.  I will go back and fix them eventually.  The last 2 came out perfectly.

I used an invisible zipper.  I love invisible zippers!  In my opinion, they go in easily and give such a professional finish.

I love the professional look of the fabric too.  I purchased it from Hancock Fabrics.  I was able to work in the red couch and orange walls.  We just bought this house and I don't expect to update the living room for a good year or so.  I want to redo all the bedrooms first.  These new pillows have easily bought me that time.

I did work in a khaki solid.  The flower print is smooth to the touch and the khaki has a slight burlap feel.  Both are machine washable on a cold and gently cycle.  That was super important since I have very young kids.  I was worried that the flower print would be too much.  It has the 3 B's.  Busy, bright and big.  The khaki does it job by toning down the flower print.  The flower print actually brightens up the brown couch considerably.

The BabyLock did a lot to make this project fly by.  One of the greatest features of the BabyLock, in my opinion, is that fact that I have every foot I'll ever need.  The zipper foot easily placed the invisible zippers.  The all purpose J foot made the thicker fabrics a breeze.  The needle down, auto reverse and thread snip, all came in handy.  It is amazing how much quicker things go, when you aren't searching for scissors, stopping to reverse and place ending stitches.

I have two other projects to share with you but I need them to reach their end users first.  Stay tuned!

He is just too cute to pass up.  I took this picture while taking pictures of the couch.  He is getting so big!



renee said...

Awesome! I am super impressed by your zipper. I have passed up several interesting knit or crochet patterns simply to avoid sewing in a zipper. No lie.

SewLovedByYou said...

Zippers are super easy. If you can crochet (which in my humble opinion is harder that brain surgery), than you can put in a zipper.