Friday, December 2, 2011

New and Improved E-Reader Clutch

Just for the record, that is absolutely the worst title for a blog post.  I could not come up with anything creative.  2 days of thinking and stressing brought about nothing.  So, I went with straight forward.  Boring but efficient.

I recently completed an e-reader clutch on my new BabyLock Symphony.  Not only is it my first e-reader clutch on this machine but it also my first, albeit small, quilting project using my Symphony.  I love that I was able to FMQ, utility stitch and decorative stitch, all in one project.  Not only has the new machine increased the quality of my clutches but I get to add a lot of fun, unique touches to each clutch.

FMQ is wonderful on this machine.  I did it both with the foot and with just the start/stop.  My stitches are far more regular.  The machine really glides and the large extension table gives me adequate room.  As does the large throat space.

I got daring and tried a new FMQ design.  It turned out really well.  I saw the design and many others here.  It is a great site for inspiration.

I was able to bind off the pocket using a decorative stitch.  Typically, I bind the pocket, as I bind anything.  Machine straight stitch on, fold over, press and ladder stitch closed by hand.  I decided to use a decorative stitch because, well... I CAN!!!  

I don't usually put a button hole in but I can actually put one in large enough, that it worked out.  No more having to use the elastic string to keep these closed.  I also used the machine to sew the button on.  My machine can sew buttons!  And it was such a simple process.  I have used a buttonholer before and Symphony's is straight forward.  The button foot was equally simple and after a user error, I got it perfectly on the second try.

I am also able to make my own tags.  I was doing these really sad tags that were handwritten with permanent marker.  This was a first rough design.  I'd like to get some printer fabric and do a combo of printing the website and monogramming with my Symphony.  I need to get a printer first.  Then the fabric.  Then the free time to test it out.  The fancy tags will go on my list of things to do.  For now, I have something that looks at least some what professional.

This by far has been the best e-reader clutch I've made.  My FMQ has improved immensely.  I like that I can easily use and access all the added features of the Symphony.  It *really* shows on my end product.

I'm starting a pinwheel quilt tonight.  I'm salivating, I'm so excited about it.  I am using some fabrics that I've never quilted with before.  I also found a tutorial on how to quickly piece the simple pinwheels together.  I have never seen this method before.  I will share all the details, when I finish the quilt.  I am so excited about the experience.  After that, we have an upcoming short trip, which means I get to visit quilt shops and blog about them.



Deb said...

And for the record, "New and Improved E-Reader Clutch" fits the blog post just fine!

renee said...

Man! That is one fancy machine! Beautiful work!! I want to learn to sew/quilt so bad!

SewLovedByYou said...

Thank you, Deb! :)

SewLovedByYou said...

Renee, you need to come visit. I will send the men and kids away. I can have you quilting and sewing in no time.