Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fear not, for I am still with you...

Oh loyal blog readers, please know that I haven't forgotten you. Or left you.

It started with two sick kids last weekend.

I think this one started it.

This picture was almost a year ago. She has gone with short hair, ever since. I miss those curls and chubby face. *sigh*

Anyway, she goes to school. Picks up germs and brings them home to share with her little brother.

I want to reach through this picture and just snuggle him. *double sigh*


Then a busy week of filling some orders. (You'll see those items over the next few days)

And now, as any good mom would, I have the dreaded plague. The kind where your skin hurts and your eyelashes are tender. It doesn't help when your husband has been working non-stop. Today is his first day off and I am spending the evening in bed. Alone with my laptop.

I plan on reading blogs, where people actually update. ;)

I have finished quilts, finished eReader covers and a rag quilt in process, to share with you over the next few days.



renee said...

Awwwww... feel better soon! Such lovely pictures of the kids!

SewLovedByYou said...

Thank you! I feel almost human again. How are you feeling?