Monday, March 14, 2011

Look Papa, look, I'm a real quilter...

At least I am officially passing myself off as one.  I often wonder when do you go from just quilting to being a quilter.  I feel like being a quilter brings a certain sense of responsibility.  People are going to expect me to know how to do things.  Or what the proper rules are.  Only if they knew, that I quilt the same way I cook. 

I throw things together and hope for the best. 

According to my husband, my best cooking occurs when I cook from my brain, ideas, preferences, tastes, and what I think will taste good.  Recipes almost always mean impending dinner doom.  I feel the same about my quilting.  I think my best quilts come from what I think will look good.

I have been working and preparing for my first booth as a quilter.  I'm scared.  I'm anxious.  I'm excited.  I'm afraid I won't have enough stuff to sale.  I'm afraid no one will buy a single thing.  I might even be a little scared that someone is going to point and laugh and tell me that I'm *NOT* a quilter. 

I'm so scared someone might find out my dirty little Pinnocchio secret. 

So, if you feel like pointing and laughing and have nothing else planned on April 2nd come on down to Oak Ridge Elementary.

If you look on the second picture, in the tiny print, you will see my business name.  My stomach churns from glee and fear every time I look at that.

In all honesty, I checked this fest out last year.  There are a lot of fun booths and great vendors.  If you live in the area, I recommend coming out.

And I'm always up for a good laugh.  :)


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