Thursday, March 10, 2011

♥♥♥Things I'm Loving♥♥♥

My friend Renee at East of Eden is AWESOME at crocheting.  You should check out her blog.  She also occasionally posts about the things she is currently loving.  I have been inspired to do the same.

I'm loving that spring is around the corner.  Our wildflowers and five spots are blooming.  We have a tomato growing.  The kids have been able to play outside a lot.  All of this newness and tired children have inspired my most recent project, a spring time table runner.

On Wednesday, I picked up a new product, when I was buying the fabric for my above project. 

This is NOT your mother's starch.  It is a very light starch that helps give your fabric a little stiffness.  Stiffness isn't the right word, maybe a little structure is better.  Once washed, the only thing left behind is the scent.  The scent is absolutely lovely.  I have Lavender Fields.  There are 2 or 3 scents and also an unscented.  The scent alone makes this product worth every penny. 

Best quilting marker EVAH!  It draws on blue and washes away with water.  Always test your fabric before marking up everything.  I haven't had a fabric it doesn't wash out of easily.  I have used it on flannel and regular quilting cotton.  I love that it makes lines I can actually see.  Every quilter *needs* this pen.




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renee said...

Thanks for the shout out, babe! You're awesome! Spring time is currently kicking my arse with all these allergies, but I do love that table runner. Maybe I need to craft something springy so that I can get more into the season, too...