Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Hill Country Adventure

We started off at Inks Lake State Park and camped for 2 nights.  If you ever find yourself in that area of Texas, you must stop by Inks Lake.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Unfortunately, it was also windy and dry.  So, campfires were small, quickly used and slightly panic inducing.  We did get to eat some great campfire food, fish in our PJs and go on a lovely hike.

A little PJ fishing

View from our hike

 View of the ducks during sunset from our campsite

 We left Inks Lake and headed to Fredericksburg for the VW show and a night in a hotel. 

The plan after that was to head out to Perdenales State Park to camp for two more nights.  Due to the dry weather and burn ban, we decided to stay in our Fredericksburg hotel another night.  We did head out to Perdenales for a day trip of swimming and fishing.  Then went back to Fredericksburg for good food, drinks and some play.

Perdenales River

Then we headed the long way home.  We tend to hit back roads as much as we can.  There is so much beautiful countryside in the Hill Country. 

I was able to hit 5 quilt shops along the way.  One I knew about but wasn't able to previously visit, one I had been to before and 3 that were surprises for me.  I'm going to dedicate a posting to each store, so that if you find yourself in one of these towns, you can stop by too!

It was a wonderful, much needed vacation.  The kids did great camping and better than I expected them to do. 

Nature always inspires me to quilt.  I have more inspiration that I know what to do with, right now.  I think I might finally take the plunge into a landscape quilt.  I haven't had the nerve to try but have been wanting to.  I think I'm ready to try it.


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