Sunday, September 16, 2012

One hour tote bag!

I don't usually like to call things "one hour...".  I find that title to always be false.  Like Rachel Ray and her 30 minute meals.  After 3 of them taking me, a relatively skilled cook, at least a hour, I realized Rachel Ray had one thing I didn't.  A band of prep cooks and dishwashers.

Not that I'm bitter or anything...


I have a friend who found herself in a position of sitting in a lot of doctor office waiting rooms.  We had previously had a brief conversation about how much she liked to knit but just couldn't find the time.  I wanted to do something for her, especially as a way to fill those long waits.  I decided to make her a knitting kit.  A few things that I love for knitting and (my original plan) a cute bag to carry it all in.  I gathered the knitting supplies but couldn't find a cute, small and easy to carry bag.  I decided to make one myself.

I found the tutorial at Snappy Stitches and Patchwork Notes.  I made a few changes but nothing major.  I didn't do the patchwork look and I changed the placing of the drawstring.  If you do the patchwork look, this will definitely take longer than a hour.  This is a really good basic pattern.  Easily changed to fit your exact needs.  

The inside is quite spacious!  I have a set of size 5 bamboo needles, 3 skeins of Sugar 'n Cream yarn, a small dishcloth pattern book and a set of scissors.  I should have included a measuring tape too but completely forgot.  This bag is the right size to throw into trendy large purses.  If you are like me and not trendy, this bag is easy to carry on it's own.  And really, has uses far beyond knitting.  It would be a great outing bag for kids' toys, makeup/toiletry bag, non perishable snack bag, etc.  I like that it is toss in the wash, machine washable.  If you don't prewash your fabrics, this may shrink some with the first washing.  If size isn't a big deal, then I wouldn't worry.  If it is, then wash your fabric first before cutting.

Don't let the pattern size stop you.  I see visions of wine bottle gift bags.  You will just need to elongate and thin out the pattern width a bit.  Next time, I want to change up the drawstring.  In this case, I used what I had on hand.  I see endless possibilities with ribbon, leather cord, adding on beads, etc.  

The fabric is Buddha Party by Terrie Mangat for FreeSpirit Quilting.  It is an older collection and a piece I've had for quite some time.  I adore this fabric but have been waiting for the right piece and person.  It is definitely a love/hate fabric for most people.  It is such a happy fabric.  The spirit of the fabric was an exact match for my friend.

I hate when people who ooze good, have to go through bad.  It isn't fair, much like the rest of life.  I hope that my tiny token of affection helps pass those lengthy waits a little more quickly.  

And maybe I'll get a dishcloth or two out of it!


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