Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Store update!

Can I say that the absolute charm of Lockhart lies in the town's ample supply of superior BBQ?

Dude brought his helicopter to the restaurant!  My husband and kids were able to get a closer look, I had to run to the bathroom, after a very long drive.  He asked the pilot and friend what they were up to and I guess they were just flying in the area.  Found themselves hungry and decided to drop in.  Who does that?!?!

Awesome people, that's who!

My kids not only got to eat great but got to watch a helicopter fly off, half way through our meal.

I finally made it back to Simple Sewing Solutions!  The store definitely has a larger supply of fabric than before.  I believe they now have over 1000 bolts!

Almost as much fabric, as what's in my personal stash...

Can someone say "addiction"?

The employees I dealt with were extremely nice and helpful.  The counter top is gone but the same charm still exists.  Lots of samples, notions, and books.  If you haven't noticed yet, I'm big on samples.  I love inspiration. SSS still has some of the best prices I've seen at any LQS.

They've also updated their website with location, hours of operation and their calendar of classes and social times.  The store may have changed hands recently but beyond the missing counter, as a customer, I can't tell the difference.

Now rumor has it, and by rumor I mean Facebook, that Lockhart has added on another quilt shop called Calico Crossing.  And on their Facebook page is that coveted countertop.  I'm probably going to be the first person explaining to the police, "No, officer.  I wasn't going for the register.  I was just moving it, so I could steal the countertop."

I think Lockhart is trying to give Giddings a run for their money.  Nothing makes me happier than multiple LQSs in small towns that I pass through often.  I think my husband may have to start dining alone and bring me the leftovers.  The next time we happen through Lockhart, which unfortunately won't be for a while, I'm hoping to stop by Calico Crossing and share that new store with y'all.

I have two other stores to review, one in Shiner (the place with the BEER) and one in Corpus Christi.  I'm passed the crazy part that is the beginning of school, so I should be able to get those to y'all shortly.  And in one of those, I'll share a new iPhone app that will make finding LQSs much easier for you, in your travels.  

Much love, peace and happy quilting!


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