Saturday, May 14, 2011

All Around the Block in Giddings, Tx

Google maps is as much a joy in my life as a source of frustration. When we decided to drive through Giddings, I grabbed my iPhone and started searching for shops in town. I found two in Giddings and, according to Google maps, one was very much along our route. Just off the main road.

As we followed the path bestowed upon us by the great Google, we though it had once again led us astray. We were headed down a residential street and we knew how it always turned out, when Google leads us down a residential street. A few years ago, Google took us to a TCBY, squarely in the middle of a subdivision. I had never been more disappointed in my life and briefly considered knocking on the door, to see if maybe it was a TCBY in disguise.

We thought we were amidst another TCBY incident. I happen to notice at the end of the street, that quite a few cars were parked. Enough cars to make me think that there might be a business at the end. And sure enough, there was a quilt shop. 

All Around the Block (AAB) is the epitome of big things in small packages. I admitted to the owner and I will admit here, that my husband and I both were a bit disappointed by what appeared to be the size of the shop. It looked tiny. We were on a schedule and wanted to hit a shop in Brenham before they closed. Wishing we would have gone to the other shop in Giddings, I realized that I just didn't have time to go back. So, I sent my husband and kids to a nearby gas station. I knew they would take longer getting gas than I would browsing this shop.

Boy was I wrong!

When you walk through the front door of AAB, you are mesmerized by the sheer number of bolts in the front room.

One of the owners (a mom and daughter team) will encourage you to keep going back.

Then you head to the left...

Then down the hallway...

The back corner, behind the pattern sets, is the clearance section!!!
Then you realize you have entered what might be the clown car of quilt shops.  :)  I literally called my husband and told him he had to come into the store, after getting gas.  That he would not believe his eyes. 

AAB has the fabric you need.  I can almost guarantee it.  And if it isn't the exact one you need, they will have something similar.  They will also have at least 10 fabrics that you didn't realize you need but will end up buying.  The largest collection of batiks that I have ever seen.  Loads of panels.  Despite the large number of bolts (I arrived on stocking day), the store is well organized.  Sports with sports.  Solids with solids.  Texas themed.  Flowers.  Baby/nursery.  And on and on...

They had an abundant selection of fat quarters.  A great variety of Best Press scents and sizes.  Patterns.  And a variety of notions, some hard to find ones.  The owners are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet.  Despite their location (and let's face it, once you find this place, you will never forget it), I was really impressed with the amount of traffic that was coming in and out.  There was quite the steady flow.

My single and only regret with this shop is that I only had about 30 minutes to shop.  I probably got through maybe a 1/4 of the stock.  There were corners that I never got close too, beyond walking past.  I am definitely scheduling another trip out to AAB. 

AAB is located about 2 blocks off of Main Street at  979 North Leon Street in Giddings.  You can take US Hwy 290 from the east/west or US Route 77 from the north/south.  The shop is located in a residential area.  It is there, at the corner on the end.  Just keep going.  You will be SO glad that you did.

A few notes:
  • AAB did not in anyway ask me or compensate me for this blog post. These are purely my thoughts and feelings, free from coercion.
  • This is store 4 of 5.  Look for the last store next week.
  • I just finished a purple version of The Giving Tree quilt that is gorgeous.  It is shipping out to the new owner today!
  • My next tutorial will be on continuous bias binding.


Deb said...

What a great discovery!

SewLovedByYou said...

It was! I can't wait to go back.

slinkysmom said...

I usually plan my trips from Montgomery to Austin each month to see my daughter to stop in at AAB. I love this store. Never leave empty handed.