Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Hug a Mother today.  Even if she isn't your own!

Today is a great day to celebrate your own mother, whoever that may be.  As we all know, mothers can take many forms.  Sometimes it is someone who adopted us.  Sometimes it is someone who gave birth to us.  Sometimes it is a grandmother, aunt, or sister.  In other cases, a mother may be a woman who is absolutely no family relation to you.  The most important thing today is to find that woman who has helped you, nurtured you, loved you and provided you with all the support, that only a mother can provide and tell her you appreciate her for everything she has done.

Today, I also celebrate my children.  As their mother, I have been fortunate enough to learn lessons, that only they could have taught me.

My daughter's perseverance and knowledge that she really can do anything that she wants.  

My son's laid back approach to life and endless giggles.  (This picture doesn't really show that, I just really adore this picture and have been wanting to use it.)

I could never be the mother that I am, without having the children that I do.  I am eternally grateful for that.

(And my husband is pretty darn awesome too!)


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