Monday, May 2, 2011

Pocketful of Poseys

The whole reason why my family takes this trip every year, is because my husband is a VW junky.  One day, when we have a bit more disposable income and he is done with school AND we have kids that are a bit older, he is going to buy a Bug to restore.  When that times comes, I expect that he will disappear into the garage for about three years, only to re-emerge with a fully restored VW.  Kind of like a butterfly, in a hippie, air cooled sort of way.

Last year, we were unable to visit Pocketful of Posies (PoP).  This year, I made sure we were able to go by and I'm so glad I did.

View from the front door

When you walk in, you are transported to a whole other world.  The outside world no longer exists.  Time stands still.  You really could spend the entire day there.  Maybe two!

Entry way display.  Such a great variety of Easter/Spring ideas

This store is really one I could sit in all day.  Not just because of the selection.  They have the store set up, so that you can sit there all day!  Fabric, books, notions, classroom area, quilts on display, coffee, sitting room, great conversation and on and on.  I was sad to leave.  Idid not get to stay long enough

I love when stores re-purpose items and use them for displays.  It is something I do for my quilt booths.  PoP uses an old mail slot case for their fat quarters.  I *love* this piece.  Really, a perfect use.  The slots fit the fat quarters perfectly.

The shop has a great selection of fabrics.  I love the 1930's Feedsack Reproduction collection.  The shop has such a great selection of florals and whimsicals.  I found a new favorite collection, though unfortunately, PoP was already sold out of it.  Celebration for Clothworks by Masha D'yans

The notions and books were plentiful.  I find that quilt shops with a plentiful library are hard to find.  I wish I lived close because she just had a Hollow Cube quilt class.  The example they had hanging was beautiful.

It really is one of the best quilt shops I have been too.  You are going to want to plan plenty of time in this shop.  Send the kids, husband, family, whomever to Enchanted Rock for the day.  PoP has found the perfect combination of plentiful fabrics, large space and that at-home feeling.  Walking out of the store, I felt like I had just spent time with life long friends.  I didn't feel like I had just gone shopping at a quilt shop. 

And you get the cutest free pincushion with your purchase!  ;)

Visit their website to learn more about the shop: Pocketful of Poseys.

The shop is located off the main strip of Fredericksburg.  From US Route 290/Main St.  Just head south on US Route 87/S. Washington St.  Turn left onto E. Highway Street and the shop will be on your left.

View from the street
There are quite a few ways to get to Frederickburg.  The main route is the US Route 290.  State Hwy 16 and US Route 87, will also take you into town.  Fredericksburg is a fun town to stop in and stay a few days.  Great German food, great beers and so much shopping.


A few notes:
  • PoP did not in anyway ask me or compensate me for this blog post. These are purely my thoughts and feelings, free from coercion.
  • You can click on any pictures on my blog and it will open a larger view.  I keep the pictures small on the site, for a faster load.



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