Monday, May 9, 2011

Simple Sewing Solutions in Lockhart, TX

I have to give full disclosure before telling you about this quilt shop.  Maybe it is because of the excellent BBQ in town.  Maybe because it is the unbelievable prices.  Maybe it is the quaintness of the town.  But Simple Sewing Solutions (SSS) is my absolutely favorite quilt shop.  In.The.World. 

I was fortunate enough to accidentally find SSS in August 2010, while vacationing with my husband in nearby Austin.  We stopped in town to visit Kreuz, home of phenomenal BBQ.  I was in love the moment I set foot in SSS.  When we planned this year's trip to Fredericksburg, it was required that we stop in Lockhart again.
SSS isn't the biggest shop I've ever be too.  And it doesn't have a massive stock of fabrics.  What it does have is the RIGHT fabrics.  There isn't any filler or fluff here.  Every time I visit,  I easily walk away with two quilts worth of fabric.  Everything I need.  I typically find I have to visit at least 3 different shops to complete a quilt.  SSS has such the perfect collection, that I can get everything I need there.

And the prices!  Oh the prices...  There is such a great mix of fabric prices.  And don't worry that lower prices means lower quality of fabric.  There is no skimping on brand names at SSS.  I have gotten Moda, Marcus Fabrics, Free Spirit and so many more.  What I think I love most about the fabric selection is that it isn't one line heavy.  I have walked into so many shops that appear to be receiving versus hand picking fabrics.  I get the sense that SSS hand picks every fabric.  It is that individual attention, that makes this store so unique.

The individual attention doesn't stop with just the fabric.  Look at this register counter:

If I remember correctly, the counter is an original part of the shop.  The owner added parts from her century old home.  I have mentioned before my love of repurposed items.  If I could have loaded this into my minivan, I would have!  Much of the store's architecture is original. The ceiling pipes and tiles. The huge window displays. The sidewalk out front still has horse tie up rings!

The walls of SSS are filled with quilts.  Some finish, some blocks.  All beautiful and inspirational.

Beyond fabrics, SSS has a full wall of notions, ribbons, buttons.  Plentiful stash of fat quarters.  Books, classes and an incredibly knowledgeable staff can help you with any project.  And there is always good conversation.  Always.

Learn more about Simple Sewing Solutions on their Facebook page.

Simple Sewing Solutions is located in the heart of historic downtown Lockhart, less than a hour south of Austin.  Their address is 111 West San Antonio Street.  From the north or south you can take US Hwy 183 into Lockhart.  From the west you can head into town via State Hwy 142.

Lockhart side note:

I'm not one to get involved in conflicts but Lockhart has been the heart of a BBQ war for many years now.  An episode of Food Wars is the only reason we decided to venture down there, back in August 2010.  More information on the episode can be seen here.  We stopped by Kreuz on that fate filled day back in August and our lives have been forever changed.  :)  Smitty's might be good and maybe even better.  We can't bring ourselves to try anything else.  For us, Kreuz is the Alpha and Omega of BBQ.  Don't take my word for it.  Stop by and have your life changed too!

A few notes:
  • SSS did not in anyway ask me or compensate me for this blog post. These are purely my thoughts and feelings, free from coercion.
  • The Farmer's Market in Montgomery was incredible yesterday.  It was a pleasure to get the chance to be a vendor.
  • I have a few things that sold and never made it to my Etsy shop.  Make sure you are checking out my Facebook page.  (There is a link on the right side of the page)  I always put pictures up there of things I've made.



sissyG said...

I was recently in Simple Sewing Solutions and that beautiful counter is no longer there and there wasn't very much fabric. Plus, the smell of cigarette smoke was very evident. Neither was the staff very friendly. Are we talking about the same place.

SewLovedByYou said...

I haven't been back in a while but I am hoping to make a stop during the month of April. I wonder if there is new management. I'll check it out and let you know.


Kelly L. said...

The store was owned by 3 women. One of the women, the one now running the store, stooped to some very low and unscrupulous business practices. The two other business partners left the business. One of the previous owners now owns a store across the square called Calico Crossings. I was a previous customer at SSS, but now take by business to CC. That beautiful counter was one of the previous owners, and it went with her. I believe it is in the new shop! I love CC, because if they don't have what I need, they will go out of there way to find what I need!

SewLovedByYou said...

Visit my store update!