Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vacation buys...

I'm willing to admit that I need a 12 step fabric program.  Think of the fabric swaps I could have with fellow members...

There are many ways to gather memories from a trip.  We always take hundreds of photos, when we are on vacation.  With our cell phones and digital cameras that both hold literally thousands of pictures, I feel like we take pictures but nothing ever really happens with them.  They go onto a computer and eventually on to a disk.  At some point, they end up in the fire box for safe keeping.  This was our first vacation as a family and I wanted to create a special memory.  Something we could have around forever.

I decided I'm going to make a quilt.  I don't have a single quilt for myself and have been looking for a project for me and my family.  And since this was a road trip around the Hill Country, it is only fitting to make a Texas themed quilt.  E-Jay's Fabrics helped me set the tone of my quilt.  After five quilt shops, this is the collection I amassed. 

I haven't decided the exact path this quilt will take.  I have a show this Saturday and then I am going to start this quilt.  I can't wait.  I'm excited to plan and make a quilt for myself.

I also bought some fabrics for fun and other projects.  I have been looking for a wood fabric for a cross wall hanging.  My husband found a fabric for another scrub top.  Then there are random fabrics that I just couldn't pass up.

I got this set to make some type of Log Cabin alternate or Pinwheel strip quilt.  I haven't decided on the exact block yet.

Aren't they cute?  The plaid, flowers and stripes are from Marcus Fabrics by Nancy Thias.  The collection is called Petalicious.  You can see more of the collection here.  I got them for a STEAL!  The circle fabric is from this Moda collection.  I got these four from Simple Sewing Solutions in Lockhart, Tx.  Home of the World's Best BBQ and one of my favorite quilting shops.  I'll talk about them later this week.

Look for a post on my next quilt shop stop tomorrow!


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