Saturday, July 7, 2012

New listings!!

It has been a while since I've put new items up on Etsy.  I made a few things last summer, then we packed up and moved.  I never got to post them and they have been at the bottom of my to do list.  It would have been more timely to have them up before the 4th of July, given the nature of the pieces.  I love them both for different reasons.  They will be very hard to part with.

The first piece is a patchwork table runner.  I did 3 reverse applique stars on each end.  To give the stars a little poof, I added additional batting under the stars.  You can view more details about this runner here.

The other piece is a flag wall hanging.  This piece was so much fun to make.  You can make this over and over and never replicate it exactly.  There is a ton of detail on this quilt.  The stars were FMQ individually, by me.  There are clouds in the blue area and spirals in the border.  You can see more detailed pictures here.

Enjoy the pieces!  Feel free to ask any questions.


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