Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tree Quilt

It is rare when I can get a quilt done from start to finish in less than a week.  I was actually able to accomplish that that week and I love the results.

I had seen a similar tree applique on a few different pieces.  I just hadn't found the perfect quilt to use it on.

This Super 9 block was cut a while back (talking years ago) when I wasn't quite as educated on the quilting process.  The center block is directional and going the wrong direction.  LOL!  It worked out perfect for this tree because I needed a short but wide area.

The tree is on a cream fabric that has a gold shimmer.  I quilted detail on the leaves and tree trunk.

In the open areas I did a couple of varieties of meandering.  In the corner squares, I included one large leaf.

Back of quilted leaf.  

I adore this backing.  I got it at Ikea of all places.  

I'm going to cry after it is all gone.

This piece was originally designed to be a lap quilt but given it's horizontal nature, it would make a wonderful wall hanging.  You could also drape it over the back of a couch.  Don't forget to visit Etsy to see more pictures of this listing and many others!



ritainalaska said...

nice tree! like what you did with it!

SewLovedByYou said...

Thank you!